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Gardening Goals

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Much will be happening with my garden this season and I have compiled a little list of goals for the new year.  First, I need to finish the fencing.  I tore down the fence a couple weeks ago in order to expand the perimeter.  Yesterday Bubba set the fence up as much as could before running out of the wire fencing.  It's a start!  So that mess is at the top of gardening goal list. 

Next up will be the compost.  I failed at my mine for the most part, so this year I am going to try composting in a tumbler.  I think I'm going to buy it premade instead of building it myself.  It'll save me time and headache this way. 

I will also be raising all my garden beds.  Our soil is horrible and last year I raised a bed to see if it would work better.  It did!  So Bubba has been hard at work chopping down trees to use as the border around the beds.  I'm also adding a very large trellis.  I'll have to show you once I have that up to give you a visual on it. 

There you have it.  Those are my major goals for the garden this year.  I won't be doing much else since we will be moving after one more garden season.  (It feels weird to type that!)  There isn't a need to invest so much money into something I will have to abandon, right?

|| As for the photos above, well, that's the start of an avocado tree and the beginning process of sprouting my apple seeds.



Fortunate Brat

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thanksgiving 2014.jpg
thanksgiving 2014.jpg
thanksgiving 2014.jpg

I made it through another Thanksgiving declaring my usual stance, "...I'm never, ever, ever, cooking again!" (total lie)  It was yummy and blessed though.  I'm a fortunate brat that has plenty to be thankful for, and I am.  We almost didn't celebrate this year; Bubba had planned to work extra hours and we didn't have family coming to visit.  But, at the last minute, (the day before) we decided to buy the ham and start cooking in honor of all that we have been blessed with this year. 

And it was good.  Our bellies were bloated.  Our hearts thankful.  And we had leftovers for a few days.

Life is joyful!