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Apple Cedar Rust

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I didn't even know this was an actual thing before planting an apple tree.  I thought trees were simple.  You plant them and let them do their thing. But, like with every other plant, there is something that can attack it.  In my case it's the apple cedar rust.

If you remember from this post, I planted my apples from seeds.  I simply gathered the seeds from my organic apple that I had eaten.  I let the seeds sit in the fridge for about three weeks to make them think they went through winter.  After letting them sprout I planted them into small cups. 

I've since transplanted them into pots.  This is when I noticed bright orange spots on the tiny leaves.  I immediately knew something wasn't right.  So I do what most people do and googled the problem. 

I'm hoping that since my trees are very small, I can save them.  I bought a fungicide to help fight it off so we'll see.  If anyone comes across this post with the same problem, I purchased Spectracide Immunox Multi Purpose Garden Fungicide

From what I read, there is not a lot of success with organic treatments.  And really, there are three options to this stuff: a) use a fungicide b) cut down the cedar tree or c) cut down your tree and plant a cedar rust resistant apple tree.  If your tree is really far gone then I highly doubt a fungicide will knock it out.  But you can always try!

So that's what I'm doing.  I'm going to give this fungicide stuff a whirl.

Okay, that's all I have time for today folks.  I'm about to leave to meet up with someone who wants to buy our old stroller and then I'm off to the store. 

Sometimes I swear I live at the store. :)

Scrap Blanket

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I finally picked up the scrap throw blanket I started months ago.  Progress was fast at first, but eventually my other interests took hold and my needles took a backseat for months.  I decided to pick them back up last night to finish the yellow ball of yarn.  I only have one more ball of scrap yarn left and it won't be enough to finish the blanket so I plan to head to my local craft store for new color.  Other than that, I hope to finish this bad boy soon!!  I have a goal peeps and dang-it, I WILL finish this blanket before fall.  (Luckily fall doesn't hit until November here, ha!)